Monday, December 9, 2013

Appellate Court Justices Present Tips and Practice Program

By Stacey Mandell

At his installation last June, ALA President Brad Elward outlined his vision of increasing the number of Association events held outside of Chicago so appellate practitioners downstate would have more opportunities to attend our programs. Toward that end, on November 13, 2013, the Association teamed with the Winnebago County Bar Association for a luncheon at the Forest Hills Country Club in Rockford.
ALA President Brad Elward welcomed Presiding Justice Michael J. Burke, Justices Kathryn E. Zenoff, and Joseph E. Birkett of the Illinois Appellate Court, Second District, and thanked the WCBA for its efforts in organizing the event. Presiding Justice Burke brought the audience up to date on the state of e-filing in the appellate court. Justice Zenoff, whose chambers are in Rockford, recognized many practitioners in attendance. She discussed and explained the Illinois Supreme Court Rules regarding briefs and oral arguments. Keeping with the cordial atmosphere of the luncheon, Justice Birkett joked that, to attorneys who do not practice appellate law, the rules and sections of the Code of Civil Procedure  - “Rule 303, 308, 341, section 2-619, hike” - were similar to football plays that made no sense. Justice Birkett went on to explain the rules regarding interlocutory appeals.
The Association thanks Holly Nash and the Winnebago County Bar Association for its assistance in organizing the luncheon.

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